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Adding Passdropit to your Dropbox account opens up lots of additional functionality, and can save you money. See what you can do with Passdropit and Dropbox together, vs Dropbox alone.

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Passwords on Dropbox Links
Customized URLs
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Basic Analytics on Links
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Features Explained

Sometimes you want a little more security and functionality. Add FREE passwords to your Dropbox links, plus get customized URLs, expiring links, download analytics, download notifications, and more...

Unlimited Links

The title kind of says it all. Share as many secure links as you want.

Customized URLs becomes!

Download Analytics

Get analytics on your Dropbox links, including unique users, location and # of times accessed.

Virtual Folders

Combine files from across multiple folders into a single virtual folder with a single Passdropit link.

Dropbox Folders

Add entire Dropbox Folders to your Passdropit links. Update their contents on the fly.

Download Notification

Enable notifications on a per-link basis to find out instantly when your files are accessed.

Expiring Links

Set your links to expire whenever you want. Or after any # of downloads. Or not at all. It's your call.

Your Branding

Add your logo and color scheme to match your current branding.

Built on Dropbox

Dropbox is awesome. Add Passdropit. Dropbox is more awesome!

Plans and Pricing

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Free Account

  • Unlimited Passdropit Links
  • Customize Links and Passwords
  • Edit/Manage Your Links
  • Multi-File Passdrops
  • Basic Analytics
  • Pro



    Everything in the Free Acct plus:

  • Advanced Analytics on Your Links
  • Get Emailed Download Notifications
  • Set Expiring Links
  • Include Dropbox Folders
  • Your Branding on Download Pages
  • You CAN use Passdropit with no account at all, for unlimited # of links with limited functionality, but without without the ability to edit/delete/manage them later on.

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